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Moonlight Blossom

月光花 (Moonlight Blossom)

Project Designer, with Ayat Fadaifard (FLXUN) 2013
Hong Kong - Mid-Autumn Lantern Wonderland Competition

The exterior is lit up during the festival

There is a saying that the flowers and moon are at their peak when mid-autumn approaches, things will be auspicious for the next year. There is a reciprocal meaning of this saying, for it is often been said to the longing of families and friends who are far away from home, the mid-autumn would be the moment for families to enjoy the prosperity of being together and to celebrate this natural phenomena.

The interior core is a lantern display that surrounds a moon viewing court

The Mid-Autumn festival is a celebration of the moon. The pavilion, a piece of design that has pervaded through both Eastern and Western architecture, was originally built in China as a place for reflection and celebration of nature. Although Hong Kong is an ever-growing and bustling metropolis, Victoria Park exists as a moment of quiet within the context of the city. The pavilion is a miniature extension of that, a single flower from which you understand the park and the larger city of Hong Kong.

Like a lotus flower, the pavilion unfolds out into a viewing deck over the water

Expected to accommodate hundreds of thousands of festival visitors over the Mid-Autumn holiday week, the pavilion will become an icon within the park. Inspired by the iconography of the lotus flower, a symbol of beauty and harmony, we created a design that beckons to the moon. Its petals, with 8 of them symbolizing good fortune, curl softly in a round bud. It encompasses the moment before the flower fully opens, inviting visitors to experience the moment when it first looks out at the full moon above.

The pavilion utilizes primarily steel framing that would be reinforced wth lightweight bamboo support

The pavilion sits on a reflecting pool, its leaves outstretched to form walkways and overhangs for the visitors to relax and enjoy a moment of solitude and self-reflection, the moon casting a soft light onto the surface of the water. From the walkways, the visitors might catch a glimpse of those inside the lotus, their shadows dancing on the petals reminiscent of shadow puppets seen in traditional theater, as well as performances seen in the events that occur during the festival.

The glowing 'petals' would be made from translucent fabric stretched over the frames

Visitors walking past the pavilion might also notice a glowing interior, one that needs to truly be experienced from within. Conceptualized as the seeds of the lotus, an awe-inspiring core of lanterns hang inside the pavilion, reaching into the sky to embrace the moon. Walk behind the lanterns and visitors will find themselves in a small space within the core - a courtyard for moon viewing. Its intimacy contrasts the festivities that exist outside and provides a moment of calm.